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Musical Learning Tools (MuLT) breathes new life into

learning. MuLT poetically connects music and learning

to create a fun, creative learning atmosphere

anywhere. Eclectic beats and catchy tunes and lyrics

immediately capture kids’ attention and entice them to

move, groove, and learn. Head-bobbing comes

standard with MuLT. MuLT was featured on ABC

33/40's Talk of Alabama and is soon to be featured on

East Alabama Today
on WEAC-TV 24.

MuLT recently released its first educational product:

an audio CD titled Multiply. Multiply was highly

requested and anticipated and provides a clever way to

learn multiplication facts. Multiply is unique, because

it blends different music styles, evokes participation,

and multiplication facts go from 0 x 1 to 12 x 16 on the

CD! Please go to the products page to purchase a CD.

Multiply has four bonus tracks (thirteens-sixteens)

that are downloadable from iTunes, Amazon, and

Spotify. Multiply catapults learning into a greater

dimension. Multiply is not just for kids. It’s for anyone

who enjoys learning and appreciates fine artistry.

 MuLT is peer-reviewed by credentialed educators who

use approved curriculums to teach our nation's

children everyday. Kids who have pre-sampled

Multiply give it two thumbs up. Stay tuned for

additional MuLT products.


Michael Walker is the creative engine behind MuLT.

He is recognizably bursting with talent. He was voted

 “Most Soulful” in K-12. Michael has been a

professional keyboardist for over two decades. He is

also a skilled vocalist, recording artist, producer,

piano-by-ear instructor, and sought-after motivational

speaker. A well respected person remarked that

Michael “does not just play and sing music…He is


Children adore Michael. He began professionally

working with children when he was a program

specialist at a nonprofit organization. Michael visited

elementary schools in Calhoun and Talladega counties

(Alabama) teaching kids about child abuse prevention.

He incorporated puppetry to delicately present a

serious topic in an informative and entertaining

manner. One of the greatest compliments Michael

receives is when those same elementary school kids,

now teenagers or adults, publicly approach him to tell

him they remember when he came to their school.

What a lasting impact!

Michael wed his supportive spouse, teammate, and

business partner, Angela, in 2000. They reside in

Anniston, AL.